I Love Color...

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I paint because I love color. Blending, mixing, and brushing all the hues of the rainbow brings joy to my "being." And now there are irridescent, pearlescent, and mettalic colors that create great reflective wonders on my paintings..

I grew up in Southern California in Laguna Beach, an inspiring environment to be exposed. Every summer the Festival of Art was held for many artists and galleries.Wendy O'Keefe Winkler

My mother was a designer and my father was an artist also. He was a natural talent with sculpture, painting, and architecture. They gave me the perfect life style to support my artistic talents. I travelled to Europe at the age of ten and absorbed the works of the great masters. After college, I continued my adventure, traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world.

I landed in Kauai in 1995 and felt at home. Kauai is where my creative energy blossomed. So, my friends, I offer you my paintings inspired by this magical Kauai Isle!

Wendy O'Keefe Winkler


" Life seen through the eyes of a true visionary casts a reflection of beauty not seen with the naked eye..." nco



4 December 2010

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