About Wendy...

Wendy works in her converted studio, creating new works of art all the time. She is currently working on a couple of projects as well as teaching others the fine art of painting.

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Wendy O'Keefe Winkler - at work!


Inspired through various spiritual and gallactic events, abstracts are unique expressions that speak to the heart. All are done in acrylic paints. Originals available only.

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Acrylic Florals

Florals inspred by the beautiful flowers of Kauai and other locations around the world.

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Acrylic Landscapes

Landscapes and ocean views from the lush island of Kauai.

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Ocean Magic

The beauty fo Kauai's ocesn vistas from unique perspectives.

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Watercolors, from the beauty of Kauai's flowers, depict the vivid colors this island manifests. These art pieces are available in prints and originals.

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E Komo Mai

Some Image

Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy the tour of art that I have been inspired to paint while here on Kauai.

Inspiration is a curious thing, coming on at a moment's notice, unexpected, yet always welcome. It remains constant when nurtured and supported. On Kauai, and throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have the loving support of family and friends, so that my inspiration and desire to paint is forever flowing. It is my hope that my art wil inspire the creativity in you, so that your inspiration may flow with love and vitality. Live, Laugh, Love.




Acrylic FloralsAcrylic Florals

Acrylic Landscapes Acrylic Landscapes

Goddess Goddess

Ocean Magic Ocean Magic

Watercolors Watercolors